Mid Century Modern Storage Bench

Mid Century Modern Storage Bench. Despite furniture being a mundane aspect of modern day household, design and appearance of each piece matters a lot. You can find them as vintage mid century modern furniture in their original forms or as reconstructed versions made with modern raw materials.

Types of modern classic furniture:
Vintage mid century modern furniture comes in all kind of sizes and shapes, serving different purposes. This modern classic furniture has been assembled with high quality materials yet it retains its original classical designs. The common types that you are likely to come across are cabinets, chairs, cassones, bed commodes, carriages and couches.

Some of the classic vintage chairs that you are likely to come across are those that have been designed by great artists like Jacobean, Rennie Mackintosh and Louis Majorelle. An outstanding feature of these chairs is their simplistic design – a characteristic of the arts and crafts movement of the mid-century era. Some of the pieces designed in the post-World War-1 era, particularly by Louis Majorelle, consist of handcrafted ornamentation and curved angles.

You can find classical 17th century cabinet designs that have been classically recreated for strength and durability. A classical design is the Antwerp cabinet that employs boullework styling of using metal inlays on tortoise shell.

You can actually order a customized version but it will cost a lot of money because of the carving work that goes into it. You can also get them in auctions where you can land a vintage mid century modern furniture that has been passed down through generations.

Sheraton style utility desk
These utility desks can be used for daily functions like reading and storage of items. They employ a simple design of the 19th century of using well-proportioned satin wood. They, however, can be remodeled using many other types of timber such as oak or mahogany.

Decorated cabinets
These waist size decorated cabinets with chest of drawers are also common feature of modern classical furniture. These outstanding pieces are purely for ornamental purposes and aesthetic appeal. Such cabinets can be placed in the living room or kept in the bedroom for storage of jewelry and other delicate items.

These come in form of popular 19th century style of regency and Biedermeier. These involve a lot of abstract designs with art nouveau styling.

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